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Howdy, y'all, you've reached Memento Mori's hot piece of new internet Web 1.0 Style. Head on over here if you want to check out my Tumblr. I try to link back to the creator if I know where a graphic comes from (usually I link the graphic itself). Otherwise I either make my own stuff or use creative commons images that allow for non-commercial use.

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[2023/02/15] Deleting some old pages that don't get much use, adding some new pages for eventual use (mostly for my original stuff--it has earned its place on my site!) I should see about getting like... Twitter/Tumblr widgets or whatever? Or link them more prominently because I'm far more active on Tumblr at least. I got stupidly into danmei (mostly MXTX) so I've been honed in on that in my free time. I knew I would like it. I put it off because I KNEW that once I started reading it, it'd be good and I'd have to buy all the books. But dang. I decided to grab the first volume of Scum Villain's Self-Saving System and was immediately hooked. Lucky me, I had enough old games & books I could turn in to the 2nd & Charles to get every single current volume Seven Seas has out lol... (I ended up getting SVSSS 2 and 2ha 2 from Amazon, everything else I got as an exchange or I'd never be able to afford it). I blasted through a book almost every day until I finished all of them!

Now I'm trying to learn basic Mandarin pronunciation and waiting for the next English releases and trying to find legit merch. And rereading all the volumes I have to annotate with page markers (I won't write in my books but I sure can overload them with page markers). I'm fascinated with how easy and fun these are to read and what kind of tropes the genre makes use of. I don't think I'll be able to read cultivation novels that aren't danmei, but maybe I won't be able to read danmei that's not in a cultivation setting either!? MXTX's next series is supposed to be a modern setting... and one of Meatbun's three series is modern setting, too... can I handle it?! (Lol probably)

[2022/12/21] Wow, where does the time go? Finished another semester of school, heck yes! Winter break isn't that long this year, but it's nice to have some extra free time from school and work. I've still been reading a lot, but now I like danmei. It's a good time to pick up something new; Mob Psycho 100 (anime) is ending and so is this season of Chainsaw Man! I guess I gotta hang in there until the new Jujutsu Kaisen & Dr. Stone seasons arrive?! I'm also looking forward to Hell's Paradise, one of my friends is really into it but it's not on the Shounen Jump app which put it in limbo for me for a while. I'll start with the anime, then!

I'm also getting back into my original works so most site updates will probably be me tweaking those pages. I might end up making an entire other neocities for them just because I don't like dealing with that many folders or pages on one site. I pay for neocities so it's no problem (I like their product so I'm givin' 'm a little walkin' around money haha...) What are my original works anyway? Mostly writing. I draw a little. Maybe more in the future. Who knows!

[2022/10/25] No updates, been working, doing school, and reading a lot.


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