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Howdy, y'all, you've reached Memento Mori's hot piece of new internet Web 1.0 Style. Head on over here if you want to check out my Tumblr. I try to link back to the creator if I know where a graphic comes from (usually I link the graphic itself). Otherwise I either make my own stuff or use creative commons images that allow for non-commercial use.

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[2022/06/06] Actually decided to add pages about my original work/OCs. I put them all aside about a year ago after... like 18 straight years of tooling around with the same characters (plot, setting, and character specifics changed A LOT). Recently I've been (very slowly) working on fanfiction instead. Not sure why, because it's not getting any more attention than my original work, but what's the real point of writing? Self-indulgence. Anyway, the links to my original stuff are floating around my "about" page.

[2022/06/01] Draggable HTML element doesn't work on mobile, but my site is in no way mobile-optimized so that's normal. Got into a web ring and it lets me have a pic of my fav boy on my homepage :) A++
I'm slowly adding more information pages about things I like or am interested in. This is supposed to be a website for stuff I like, right? So it should have as many of my favorite things as possible. Currently, I'm working on a page for notes on psychology. That's the hyperfixation for the month, lads. Also headcanons for my massive crossover fic AND... a page about my original works?! They're on the backburner, but I figured I might as well have a page about them. I still love them, after all.

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