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[Content on this site is primarily SFW but is intended for audiences over 18. The webmaster is well over 18. I will do my best to put appropriate warnings in front of content that might be triggering (most likely themes in original fiction or fanfic).If you judge morality by the type of fiction people consume or art they make, you are not welcome here. (If you have "proshippers DNI" anywhere, you are not welcome on this site; if I have followed you without seeing that you have it, please drop a polite comment on my profile page and I will unfollow you.)

I cannot guarantee this site is SPOILER-FREE but I will try to mark things I consider major spoilers!


[2024/05/15] having a few hilariously simple mishaps with CSS. I know I must be missing something obvious when it comes to formatting links but I sure can't see it! Also still not able to properly make my own page layout with responsible columns. Very frustrating, but I will keep at it. Adding more character and lore info. I want to find stuff to put on character bios that's not so... bland. Weird prompts to fill out that give you a better idea what they're like than just the standard stuff.

[2024/05/10] wow you can actually read a little about my OCs and original projects now. They have some basic info up! Welcome to Moriverse or whatever. Most of my major pages (About, Collections) have been updated too! But c'mon, we all know my OCs are the stars of the show (lights of my life, little devils of my heart, mi media naranja).

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