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Umami Headcanons

General headcanons about the AU the series takes place in (technically, an offshoot of the FMP 'verse)

Salty Headcanons

Headcanons for FMCU, specifically characters

Minty Headcanons

Headcanons for Classroom Battlefield, my other FMP fic (which is on a whole different website)

Sweet Headcanons

Cute headcanons. (Relationship-related)

They're supposed to be cute so they can stay.

Spicy Headcanons

This is like, the "lime" level of headcanon lol...

Offsite 'cuz they get racy.

Sour Headcanons

Lemon level headcanon? :X

VERY Offsite because they're more hardcore than spicy headcanons.

Bitter Headcanons

Wow That's Depressing/Miserable-type headcanons

Just... absolutely offsite, absolutely not-kid friendly, etc.

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