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"One of the top ten most self-indulgent things I could possibly be writing"

"Hey, Fullmetal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic... both got that 'war is hell' theme going on..." "Ishigami Senku & Edward Elric should absolutely meet." "What if I... slightly changed Full Metal Panic's ending to fit my interpretation of the characters/themes better?" "Roy Mustang and Tessa Testarossa being the same rank is HILARIOUS." "It would be really funny if Gauron didn't die in EDBD." "I would like to see the FMA cast in a modern setting, just for kicks... Dr. Stone cast, too, actually..." "... You could make a religion crossover fanfiction out of this." And so I did

Socio-political Situation and Shady Conspiracy Affect These Japanese High School Kids In Particular

Following the events of Ending Day By Day/The Second Raid, Mithril begins proactively searching for leads on Amalgam. Despite cutting his own hours, Sousuke works more diligently, determined to protect Kaname and their peaceful school life. Meanwhile, in Amestris, Edward and Alphonse Elric begin to unravel military secrets that are probably safer to leave hidden... yeah right. After an incident in a military-owned laboratory, the two alchemists head to Japan to visit their teacher, who has relocated to Hokkaido.

Mithril discovers a weapon that can turn human beings into stone. Concerned that it might have something to do with black technology or be connected to the enemy, Tessa recruits Ishigami Senku, a scientific prodigy, to help research it... and to keep an eye on him, as he's come closer to understanding the workings of black technology than any non-Whispered. Senku and his friends agree to help Mithril in exchange for protection from potential enemies and information about Arm Slaves so that one friend, Kohaku, can learn to properly pilot one.

Meanwhile, conflict stirs between North and South China, Amestris begins to act aggressively against neighboring countries and the USSR, mysterious monstrous creatures begin to appear in various locations, and rumors of exponetially advancing black technology abound. And all of this makes life really difficult for this one handful of Japanese (and Amestrian) teenagers, in particular.

No Texting in 2005

The tag I use on Tumblr that was initially just making fun of the fact that I decided to put modern tech when the fic is set in the Full Metal Panic universe (which is late 90's-early 00's, but I said "screw the rules, I have Black Technology"). It's not also making fun of the fact that I accidentally used 2005 for a short while before I realized the fic takes place based on FMP's anime canon, and it should be 2001-2002. Whoops lol

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