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lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to

Watch lofi girl and her faithful cat study on a 24 hour loop to some chill tunes. I listen to this at work all day.

YouTube: True Crime/Paranormal/Unresolved Mysteries/Investigation

Barely Sociable
Unresolved mysteries & internet investigations
More unresolved mysteries and deep dives, lots of disappearances
A lot of spooky internet stuff, unresolved mysteries and the like; he does ARGs sometimes
Night Mind
This guy has one of the most soothing voices in the universe. Reviews ARGs a lot and runs contests for up-and-coming horror creators. Did an absolutely fantastic series on EverymanHYBRID that makes watching/catching up with that series a breeze
Night Docs
High quality, documentary-style deep dives on all kinds of mysteries
Specifically Japanese horror stories & Let's Plays ft. Tara A. Devlin. Has some of my favorite Japanese creepypasta of all time.
That Chapter
All sorts of True Crime, funny but not in a way that I feel like diminishes the horror of the cases he covers.
Azeal - Everyone Has a Story
Not exactly horror or unresolved or "scary" but they interview people on VR Chat and there are some really interesting, eye-opening stories on there. Lots of bittersweet ones. You'll learn so much about people.


Studying forensic sciences in uni, has absolutely amazing analyses on the When They Cry series and Full Metal Panic. Got me to watch the "Babylon" anime. Her takes are very thoughtful and her educational background gives a unique insight I don't usually see in anime analysis videos. Cool accent.
REALLY deep dives into anime and game genres. She goes on tangents and they are fascinating. Actually does a lot of research. I like when she lists the patrons and her cat is on the video.
Mother's Basement
More of a traditional anime review channel, his reviews are actually pretty fair... but watching him review trash tier anime is the best. I wish he was in charge of writing and directing Sword Art Online.
My Friend Who Has a Doctorate In Psychology Became A Vtuber


Absolutely amazing Vocaloid songs; I recommend their animated music video series "Parties Are For Losers," which is loosely based off the Russian novel "Roadside Picnic" and the movie/game "S.T.A.L.K.E.R."
Joel G
Animator with some of his works on YouTuve. ENA is absolutely 90s internetcore and an incredible series full of meme-able moments.
If you like humor and you haven't watched Big Top Burger go watch it now, it's amazing
You can turn on English subtitles for most of his animations and they are HILARIOUS

My YouTube Playlists

My GOAT YouTube Playlist
My favorite YouTube videos in no particular order (although most of the shorter ones come earlier)
Hilarity in Under a Minute
Funny videos that are less than a minute long--many of them are my fav vines
Comedy Gold
Funny videos that are longer than a minute. Lots of fandom videos, but no Vine collections.
Vine Collections
Vine collection playlist. Some of them are fandom, but some of the are organized by alignment
I have more Vine collection playlists but... that's it for now